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The best of both worlds, Girl and the Gov® offers IRL events in cities across the country that combine political savvy (hello, amazing panels) with hottest spots and activities. Meeting millennials (and GenZ) where they mosey, at barre classes, cooking classes, and the best, most Instagrammable rooftops, and more, each event is curated to create the ultimate setting for checking a few spots off the ol’ bucket list, while also learning a thing or two about politics. 


how it works

Coming to a city near you! Multi-faceted in approach, participation in Girl and the Gov® offers events that may be attended in an a la carte fashion. Event attendees are alerted of events through multiple channels, activating an entire community of millennials and GenZ that want to do more, learn more, and participate more. 

party with us!

The politics didn’t start ‘til we walked into______. Yep, that’s right, fill in the blank with a need-to-see venue, a must-have museum, a bouncing bar, interactive workout studios and custom course locales, and whatever else under the sun brings the fun for all that are young (voters). We’ve always got our eyes and ears on the latest, greatest, and absolutely can’t miss venues, activities, and organizations that allow us to marry politics with the everyday, to say toodles to the politics taboo and hello to an always voting, always learning state of being. If you’re sitting behind a screen in palm, on lap, or on your desk, thinking “LIGHTBULB, I HAVE A VENUE FOR YOU,” or any of the items described above, type it up and send if off to our inboxes via the form below. 



New York City!

We are heading back to the big apple! A GOTV NYC event is in the works for the fall, subscribe to our email list below to get notified when the deets drop.


We're over the net to invite you to the Girl and the Gov tennis club through Break the Love. The platform [Break the Love] is reinventing tennis through interest-based tennis clubs, which is perfect for networking, meeting other like minded pals, and getting a chance to practice your cross-court shot. Our club is naturally civic engagement and politics focused and will be launching events in the months to come at courts coast to coast. 

The fine print: The club is free to join. Events are a la carte and open to tennis experts, novices, and the tennis curious.


Keep in touch with Girl and the Gov® and be the first to learn of events, get-togethers, networking opportunities, and more updates by signing up for preliminary details below.