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Politics meet social media, social media meet politics... Here at Girl and the Gov, we have built our whole business around marketing politics on digital platforms (we've gotten pretty good at it too). Whether you need weekly social media explainers and content ideas straight to your inbox, or a one on one social media audit, we help politicos harness the power of social media. Through our work, we have noticed politics hasn't fully caught on to how effective social media can be to organize and spread messaging.

We're changing that. 


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Welcome to #VIRAL by Girl and the Gov®, a newsletter dedicated to providing the 411 on the social media trends, tricks and tips, and how-to’s for politicos. The brainchild of the social media-savvy and political influencer duo that is Girl and the Gov® - Sammy Kanter and Maddie Medved – the newsletters goal is to bring politicos up to speed on all-things social media. Covering the bases from basics to best practices, the weekly newsletter drops on Tuesday evenings each week, equipped with the latest and greatest means and mediums for amplifying messaging, whether it be for a candidate, an elected, an organization, or other politico platform.

$17.30 A MONTH

We are now offering social media audits and one on one social media consulting. If you are having trouble getting conversions from your social media content, we can help. Through this audit we provide a 30 minute introductory call where you tell us your goals and objectives with your social media presence and what you need help with. Next, we take the time to thoroughly go through your social media account and draft a report with advice on everything from the actual content to what you include in your bio. We finish the audit with one more one on one call where we go through your report and explain our findings.

Starting at $500

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Do you have ‘starting a podcast for your organization or on behalf of your elected office’ on your mood board this year? Step into our office, because we can help make that pipe dream a reality. In translation, if you’re an organization, a candidate, or an elected official looking to start a podcast to amplify your work and your voice, the Girl and the Gov® team can help get your vision off the ground. With a unique vantage point on both podcasting and political media, the minds behind the viral Girl and the Gov, The Podcast can walk you through the process, from ideation to completion.

Inquire at for quotes.

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