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Politics meet social media, social media meet politics... Here at Girl and the Gov, we have built our whole business around marketing politics on digital platforms (we've gotten pretty good at it too). Whether you need weekly social media explainers and content ideas straight to your inbox, or a one on one social media audit, we help politicos harness the power of social media. Through our work, we have noticed politics hasn't fully caught on to how effective social media can be to organize and spread messaging.

We're changing that. 



weekly social media consulting to your inbox

Skip the meeting, make it an email by subscribing to Girl and the Gov®’s paid newsletter, #VIRAL. The newsletter is dedicated to providing the 411 on social media trends, tricks and tips, and how-to’s for politicos and hits inboxes weekly. Filled with trending TikTok sounds, content concepts, and app updates, #VIRAL shares the latest in social media with political account applications front and center. The easy-to-access resource highlights everything from best practices to the basics of how to capitalize on key platform features on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. It's great for social media novices and experts, and aims to save busy teams time by saving them a meeting and sending actionable ideas right to inboxes. 

$21.00 A MONTH

A set of fresh eyes is sometimes all you need, and in the case of Girl and the Gov®’s social media audits, the eyes on the prize are two political media influencers and digital experts. The audits thoroughly review accounts, provide tangible changes, and bring teams up to speed on what needs to stay, and what needs to go on an account. The audit process specifically includes:


  • A 30-minute introductory call hosted with Girl and the Gov®’s digital team, where social media goals and objectives are shared

  • A thorough deep dive into the identified social media accounts is conducted by the team

  • A report with findings from areas of improvement to content concepts to use is drafted and shared

  • A 30-minute findings and recap call is hosted, walking through recommendations


one on one social media consulting & audits



Led by two political podcasters that have built their own viral platform, Girl and the Gov®’s podcast consulting unit is focused on bringing political podcasts from idea to reality. Specifically, the political podcast consulting service is designed to assist political organizations, thought leaders, and elected officials launch podcasts unique to their expertise and target audience. Comprehensive in nature, the podcast segment covers everything from structural design to best practices to graphics, and launch strategy. 




Girl and the Gov®’s Podcast Audit service provides a comprehensive review of the client’s existing show with the goal of identifying areas of improvement. The evaluation closely examines the podcast’s structure, audio, and marketing mechanisms, determining what practices set the podcast up for success, and which can be left behind.

Girl and the Gov®’s Brainstorm Sesh service is designed to walk potential podcasters through their moodboard of ideas and help them determine what next steps they want to take – to take the step into podcasting or to keep thinking on big ideas. The bounce-your-ideas-off-of-us style session provides a testing ground for concepts and for getting up to speed on industry operations. Brainstorm Seshes consist of a virtual one-hour call with the Girl and the Gov® team.




Girl and the Gov®’s Build Your Own Podcast service is designed to bring podcasts from the ideation phase to launch. The service works with clients to mold ideas into structures, to generate best and leading practices for show concepts, and to outline the necessary steps, from audio equipment to marketing, for bringing the podcast to market. The team works with clients to meet their goals, tailoring each segment of the podcast building process to their needs. Operated on an hourly rate basis, clients can choose to use contracted hours for call-style consulting, report-based consulting, or a split. 


  • Show Development: Premise, segment generation, design, organization, and cadence

  • Marketing Toolkit, Starter: Cover art, visuals, boilerplate copy, bios

  • Guest Generation & Preparation Strategy: Pitches, waivers, topics, rules of engagement

  • Distribution Starter: Manage initial distribution upload and platform selection + related partners

  • Website Development: Start to finish website development [two edit rounds included] 

  • Promotional Swaps: Management, research, and outreach on this key PR tool.

  • PR & Marketing Springboard: Guidance on how to get started with their PR and/or marketing efforts

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