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Available on the airwaves and Youtube every Tuesday and Wednesday, Girl and the Gov, The Podcast is an extension of Girl and the Gov®'s mission to provide a platform for Millennials, Zennials, and Gen-Z to engage with the evolving political sphere in an approachable, digestible, and accessible way. Co-hosted by Sammy Kanter and Maddie Medved, the podcast provides an inside look at the ins and outs of government and politics as we know it today through engaging interviews with leaders in the field and segments that address the questions everyone wants to ask but never does. 

The podcast releases two episodes per week -- one on Tuesday's focused on the Top Stories in political news for the week, and one on Wednesday's featuring a guest interview. Over 100 episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Stitcher, YouTube, and more, featuring top names in politics like Congressman Swalwell, Activist Jamira Burley, Attorney General Dana Nessel, Congressman Ro Khanna ,Senator Peter Welch, Mayor London Breed, and more.


Co-Host, Co-CEO, & Founder


Sammy couldn’t help but take notice of the political trends popping up everywhere from the headlines to the group chat with her friends. The trends highlighted a clear conundrum, millennials weren’t voting or interested in participating in the political sphere. Cue, Girl and the Gov®, where, as CEO and Founder, Sammy has made a name for rebranding politics as we know it, creating an accessible and appealing event-based and digital platform that meets millennials (and GenZ) at their level - at the events and digital hubs they already frequent (cough workout classes and Instagram cough). In her role as co-host for Girl and the Gov, The Podcast, Sammy aims to bring the same approach to her interviews with co-host Maddie Medved, chatting all-things politics with the experts sans the jargon and barriers to disinterest.


Co-Host & Co-CEO


Since high school, Maddie has known the political and advocacy space is where she wants to dedicate her career. After studying Political Science at Loyola Marymount University and playing Division 1 soccer, she bound straight into her career campaigning for progressive candidates like Gavin Newsom and Tom Steyer. Driven to always fight for an equal and representative government, Maddie is excited to co-host Girl and the Gov, The Podcast alongside Sammy Kanter to promote a more informed and engaged young electorate. Equipped with the notion to not let the B.S. of politics keep anyone from being an informed and active citizen, Maddie views the podcast as a way to get listeners all civically sorted with no pressure, no intimidation, and no nasty partisanship - only what you need to form your own opinions and take action!

"Literally the only podcast I'm listening to right now. It's the easiest, most digestible way to learn more about our government while having fun doing so!"


Interested in joining the conversation? Have a guest idea in mind? PR people. communications directors, marketing managers, and more this section is built for you. Submit a guest you have in mind for an upcoming episode for consideration by filling out the world's quickest form. Email us and if there's a fit, we'll be in touch.


Want to advertise on Girl and the Gov, The Podcast? Want to partner with us on a social media campaign? Email us at with all your info and we will shoot you an email to get the ball rolling.

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